see the difference between factory made cabinetry (top) vs custom (bottom)

On this factory made bathroom vanity, notice the thickness of the countertop and the large spaces between doors and drawers.

The drawers in this factory made cabinet have only 370.56 cubic inches of storage space. Notice the large vertical spaces between the drawers.

Cabinet Creations in Marion, Iowa, made this custom bathroom vanity out of birch wood in the shop. Notice the detailing on the drawers and door as well as the custom finish and high-quality handles.

Our custom birch vanity features quality craftsmanship with little space between drawers and a custom cultured marble top with molded sink basin. It also features much more space inside! See the next photo for details.

Now can you see the difference between factory and custom cabinets? Even if you can't, we did the math! The interiors of the drawers have 596.15 cubic inches of storage space. That means you get 61% more storage from our custom made cabinetry!